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"But before reading, I give you a fair warning - it will challenge you to change your life and to be better. It will warm your heart and you will want to fight like hell to live fully."

Ari Kramer, MD
Chairman Vascular Access
Spartanburg Regional Medical Center

"At Kidney Academy, a forum for the clinical team who manage dialysis access patients, we believe that the patient should be at the center of decision making throughout the treatment pathway, and we value Fred sharing his personal story to share hope with other patients undergoing a similar experience."

Dr. Ingemar Davidson MD, PhD
Transplant and access surgeon

"Fred shares a real-life account of his journey dealing with kidney disease. There are many ups and downs through this process, and he stresses that as a patient you must educate yourself and be the captain of your own ship as you navigate this path."

Therese Wykoff, MS
Program Director, Kidney Academy

"I enjoyed your book and agree 100% about the importance of attitude and motivation. I know a LOT of folks who could really use your messages. Thank you for doing what you do!"

Dori Schatell, MS
Executive Director
Medical Education Institute, Inc

"I have had the privilege to care for Fred Hill. I am privileged to be a part of his journey and am excited to see what his future holds. As a physician caring for those patients with renal disease many times is hard to help a patient really understand CKD. So many complex things that occur with the stages of kidney disease and the complexity of medical treatment makes it hard to realize the intellectual, psychological, and physical, changes a patient must deal with. This book will help my practice and many other nephrologist practices get down on a level that will help patients deal with CKD and ESRD." "Thank you for your hard work. This book will be used extensively."

Dr. Murdock's M.D.

"This awesome book is a culmination of many hard-long hours to put it all together. It touches my heart as a caregiver to really try to understand the impact of dialysis on a patient's life. I get so wrapped up in the mechanisms of treating the patient that it is hard to really understand the impact." "This book will widely be used to help my patients deal with many emotional, physical, and intellectual changes all living with dialysis. It will help them work collectively with me to give them the best care."

Frances Wise RN, BSN, MN, ACNP